"I am a smoker and my skin has never looked so radiant using Dawn to Dusk. Most people cannot believe I smoke and also live in a dry climate."
J.L., Taos, New Mexico

"My skin is much too sensitive to wear normal moisturizers with sun screen however I never break out with your wonderful cream."
J.D., Sun City, AZ

"I have problems with chronic hip pain. As long as I use Canyon River Pure Premium Emu Oil™ on a daily basis, my pain is gone"
Heidi S

"I had chicken pox at 30 years old with very bad lesions on my face. I used your Intensive Skin Therapy and had no scarring. Thank you so much!"
J.M., Kerrville, TX

Edith K of Pennsylvania, hadn't been able to sleep through he night for over 10 years as a result of arthritic pain. After using Mzone Megapain™ Therapy she began sleeping through the night.

Alan D of Vermont was able to substantially reduce the use of prescription medicines for migraine headaches by massaging Mzone Megapain™ Therapy on his temples and neck.

David J. Parsons MD of Florida uses Mzone Megapain™ Therapy for job related injuries and eliminates prescription pain medication for knee pain.

Ruth of Austin Texas suffered from the pain of diabetic neuropathy in her legs. She was taking prescription narcotics without relief. Topically applied Mzone Megapain™ Therapy substantially reduced her pain.

"I recently use Mzone Megapain™ Therapy to successfully complete two marathons in one week. The Twin Cities marathon was run on Sunday in wet and cold conditions I used Mzone Megapain™ Therapy on my legs before and immediately after the race. The next day, I had little discomfort and was able to urn again on Tuesday. I then rant he Chicago Marathon on Sunday and again, I used Mzone Megapain™ Therapy be for and after the race. Thanks in large part to your product, I finished the Chicago Marathon eight minutes faster that Twin Cities and qualified for Boston. I was simply amazed. Equally amazing is that I was able to do a 20-mile bike ride the Monday after Chicago. Mzone Megapain™ Therapy really works for me!!"
Bill B

"I have a chronic disjointed bone in my foot (a result of rheumatoid arthritis), which causes pain and limping. I have been using Mzone Megapain™ Therapy for three weeks; first, 3 x a day, now once or twice a day. I am not limping, and can now walk a mile on my Nordic track. If I start having pain, I massage the liniment in, and it soon stops! This has really done well for me. I told my doctor I was using this and having good results, and he said that emu products are very good, lots of nutrients, to continue with it. He even recommended using emu oil on my eczema."
Betty M

MZone SprayDr. Stephen Borowsky, M.D., Director of the Surgicenter Pain Unit in Phoenix, AZ has been treating chronic pain problems since 1973. Recently, his fibromyalia patients have used Emu Oil and Mzone Megapain™ Therapy. Dr. Borowsky states, "The results have been amazing. Many of my patients have tried other products on their own, but the Emu Oil and Mzone Megapain™ Therapy have achieved the most consistently positive response of any topical or alternative treatment I’ve seen. This may well be the next St. John’s Wort. It’s a highly effective, natural topical pain reliever, and it works on one of today’s most painful ailments. For people suffering from constant, chronic pain this relief is the answer to a prayer."

"After my broken arm healed, I was left with a hand which was so stiff and painful that I couldn’t close it, couldn’t grasp objects, and woke at night in pain. A friend loaned me some of your Mzone Megapain™ Therapy but I was doubtful that it could make a difference and expected to return it to her immediately. I could hardly believe what happened. Within minutes, the pain disappeared, and I was able to flex my hand and close it. I began using it several times each day, and as I did I was able to exercise the hand and finally get on the road to recovery. What a miracle. Then, since I didn’t want to return the bottle I was using- I had to search all of Texas to find you and order some more! A good thing I did, too. My husband had been limping for months with pain in his leg. And I convinced him to try my treasured Mzone Megapain™ Therapy. Same story. He was better at once. So many things today are over-hyped, over-sold, over-promoted; it’s so refreshing to find something that works. Now I’m going to try your Intensive Skin Therapy™ on a stubborn case of exzema."
Nancy N

"My mother Ruth, suffers from diabetic neuropathy in her legs. She has to take a large amount of painkillers (prescription narcotics) to control her pain, but still is not completely comfortable. She supplemented her medications with the roll-on Mzone Megapain™ Therapy. The product did decrease her pain for a period of 2-3 hours, which is very good for her. She is now using it on a regular basis."
Cherri R

"It reduces swelling and the pain from sprains, strains, tendinitis, muscle spasms, arthritis, bursitis and carpal tunnel syndrome much faster than any other product I've ever used."
Former Pro Athletic Trainer

"I used to use both Channel and Lancome products. Once I tried your overnight cream I found it hard to even use up the remnants of my Channel night cream. I now use all your products and my skin has never looked so good. I can even put on makeup soon after moisturizing."
S.F., Laguna Beach, California

"During a foundation pour my hands became so dry and stiff that I could not button my shirt. Rough Stuff made my hands better the next day. You could actually see the cream being absorbed into the skin. My hands became less swollen and chapped. Great stuff!!"
JG, Texas Contractor